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A Red Sox Fan’s Prayer in tribute to David Ortiz

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(A poem in the style of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, writing in the style of St. Matthew)

Large Father,

Who art at Fenway,

Harrowing be thy name

To pitchers who come

To protect a run

In innings beyond the seventh.

Hit one for us this day,

out to the seat that is Red

Or else one that surpasses

The Monster or soars over the centerfield fences.

Lead us not just into contention,

But deliver to us titles

For this is your kingdom,

And your bat has the power to bring glory

Now and forever,

Big man!

Author: E.H. Decker

E.H. Decker is the name of a pen, like Mark Twain, not A.T. Cross. Said pen belongs to a father of two writing between jobs on movies, parenting and obsessing over movies, tv, music, wine and words. Comments here are encouraged so long as you can be respectful to others and you have actually taken the time to read what you're commenting on.

One thought on “A Red Sox Fan’s Prayer in tribute to David Ortiz

  1. Your blog name is mesmerizing

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