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Poem of the Day #7- 6/20/17

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On Walking Through Target Rock
Once here there was a garden,
Nature put in service to man
Neat beds of earth
Seeds sown in a row
Once here flowers grew
According all to a gardner’s plan
Blossoming at some appointed time
That one could surely know
Once here there produce
To satisfy demand
Bounty’s harvested at the fall
By toil of rake and hoe
Once here there was a garden,
Now grows only that what can
Survive with out a care
And in the wildness grow.

Author: E.H. Decker

E.H. Decker is the name of a pen, like Mark Twain, not A.T. Cross. Said pen belongs to a father of two writing between jobs on movies, parenting and obsessing over movies, tv, music, wine and words. Comments here are encouraged so long as you can be respectful to others and you have actually taken the time to read what you're commenting on.

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