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Poem of the Day #22- 9/12/17

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Alone on the concrete
As the dawn begins
The echo of the ball against the pavement
Is the only sound
My head rises
As I cross the chipped paint arch
And press the ball harder
Down into the ground
Faster- Double time-
Two fast steps and I pull
Up from the cement
I rise-
     Feet pressing up
          Knees extending
               Arms gliding up
Until I am free of gravity
As the ball floats to the hoop
The world is silent
          The day in its rising arch
               And Fall
The rattle of hoop and backboard break the spell
And now it is time to work

Author: E.H. Decker

E.H. Decker is the name of a pen, like Mark Twain, not A.T. Cross. Said pen belongs to a father of two writing between jobs on movies, parenting and obsessing over movies, tv, music, wine and words. Comments here are encouraged so long as you can be respectful to others and you have actually taken the time to read what you're commenting on.

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