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The Re-Animated Podcast: The Secret of NIMH

What is the best-case scenario when you give an anti-aging, super-intelligence drug to rats? How did the Great Owl know Jonathan Brisby? Is Auntie Shrew a bad-ass? Why doesn’t Deck know the difference between Al Roker and Wilfred Brimley? We attack these questions and more as we go through the 1982 Don Bluth film, The Secret of NIMH

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Poem of the Day #2- 6/7/17

We all begin in the world of knees
Stumbling among giants
Surrounded by the impossibly large
     Staircase mountains
          vast plains of carpet
               monuments to books and stereos
                    mighty plateaus of tables and sofas
And bit by bit we grow
Into this place
Until all that was once colossal
becomes the ordinary